Scavenger Hunt still going on!

I have posted about this small town scavenger hunt for the last two days. It seems to have  taken on a life of it’s own.  Excitement keeps growing as the pot keeps getting bigger and bigger. It started at a mere $1000. Then, next thing you know; area businesses and individuals began making contributions to the pot.  It has grown to over $10,000 on top of that, there are all kinds of gift certificates and other items donated as well. Not to mention, that there has been a business that says it will double the money pot when it is found! 3229901467_cccc795ebd_z      Photo of one of the murals in our town. Depicting some of our historic buildings.

I tried to stay out of it, but I will admit; I have been out searching a little myself.  Being a life long resident of the area hasn’t helped my search though. Now, there is even another way we can get some money. We have to take pictures and videos of picking up litter from the areas while we are searching. The person who turns in the most wins $500 and the runner up wins $200.  People seem to be coming from everywhere, as the news keeps spreading.


537429_260631040741138_1944516921_nLife in a small town can be so fun at times.  Our latest ‘hoot’ is a hunt for money. ‪ People watch the podcast HERE

They listen for the clues and then go searching where they think the clues are suppose to lead them. Our town has been “a buzz” with people hunting the stash.  Funny thing is, it hasn’t been verified that the money was hidden in our town.  There are several towns that the money could have been placed.

The pot keeps getting bigger as more and more businesses and individuals contribute. Last total I saw was $7850. plus all kinds of other goodies from local businesses.  It is truly hilarious at time watching comments on Facebook  Drivetime with DJ and KJ

It has been confirmed that the stash is not at our town’s Welcome Marquee/message board.  This particular area has been searched extensively and it was annouced on the broadcast today that it is NOT there.

If nothing else, the community has been getting a lot of exercise running around everywhere in a mad dash to find the cash.  Unfortunately, some aren’t listening to what has been said and have forgotten to be considerate of property causing some unnecessary damage to plants and other things about town.  It has been stated that the stash is in plain sight and you do not need shovels or any other tool to get it.  There is no hazard involved in obtaining it.  It is not inside a business, not on private property and definitely not in a dangerous place. That being said STAY OFF THE RAILROAD TRACKS!