A walk in the park.


I went for a walk here at a local city park. Nothing spectacular really, but I wanted to share these pictures with you. After all, I enjoy seeing photographs from other places I may never get to visit.

I saw a climbing rose; not sure of what the name would be for these particular ones. The purple flower might be a Viola? The Pitcher Plants are known as yellow pitcher plant       ( Sarracenia Flava).

The park service/City beautification committee, built the fake well around a water spiket or hydrant of sort, there once was a railroad spur that ran right beside it. I am guessing it was either used for the railroad or was a fire hydrant for the lumber mill that once existed very near by. Fire was a big concern at the lumber mill.

The big rock with the granite plaque in front, that reads;  This Escambia County native rock, which has endured through the Centuries, is placed here in honor of all the men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. This memorial, a symbol of strength and stability, is a reflection of our nation’s strength. We hereby dedicate this mounment in memory of Brewton native Tamara Thurman and each of her countrymen that perished that day, on this day September 11, 2012


Sarracenia – aka Pitcher plant

I was going through my collections of photos and ran across these photos.  I discovered these several years ago growing  in a field at the end of a runway at our local airport.  Since that time the city has taken a few precautions to keep them from being trampled or otherwise disturbed.

I had noticed them numerous times as I was driving by, but from a distance I just thought they were some kind of typical road side wild flower.  One day while I was out looking for things to photograph, I decided to take a closer look and I am so glad that I did. I want to add that I was very careful to not step on any plants while checking them out. I used a 55-200 mm zoom lens so I wouldn’t have to get too close.

I do believe these are called Crimson Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia Leucophylia).. They are a carnivorous insect eating  bog plant. There are many different varieties and species of pitcher plants, these are just one, they belong to the Sarraceniaceae plant family.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them.

What will our sleepy little town do now?


Well, they say all good things must come to an end; I guess they are right. The scavenger hunt I have posted about a couple of times has finally came to an end. The Money was found. Now there are a lot of people left wondering: “What do we do now?” They have spent the last three weeks watching and waiting for clues and searching all night and day in some cases. 858122_558889080788992_332512874_o

It has been a wonderful experience for the most part.  Of course, there were some that weren’t paying attention to anything but the fact there was money out there somewhere.  There was some damage done, but over all very minuscule. Something almost magic happens when these guys get together and do their podcast and go live on Facebook. We are just a small town, but when these guys get behind a cause people respond.  They were receiving donations to several different causes and the money pot during all of this.  The money pot went up over $11,000 and someone was doubling it once it was found.  There were other goodies too, donated by the different business around the area.  They hadn’t done all the arithmetic at the time of the live announcement of the money being found.

Amid all the searching everyone got on board with picking up litter as they went along. Next thing you know, that became a contest as well; with a


1st prize of $500 for who picked up the most trash and $200 for the runner up. They had to post photos and videos of them picking up the litter in the areas they were searching  in any of the communities that were in the area listed in the search.  Now we are all waiting to see what they come up with tomorrow @Drive Time with DJ & KJ so we don’t go back to being a quiet little black and white town. If you join in tell them “Gecko” sent ya.




Scavenger Hunt still going on!

I have posted about this small town scavenger hunt for the last two days. It seems to have  taken on a life of it’s own.  Excitement keeps growing as the pot keeps getting bigger and bigger. It started at a mere $1000. Then, next thing you know; area businesses and individuals began making contributions to the pot.  It has grown to over $10,000 on top of that, there are all kinds of gift certificates and other items donated as well. Not to mention, that there has been a business that says it will double the money pot when it is found! 3229901467_cccc795ebd_z      Photo of one of the murals in our town. Depicting some of our historic buildings.

I tried to stay out of it, but I will admit; I have been out searching a little myself.  Being a life long resident of the area hasn’t helped my search though. Now, there is even another way we can get some money. We have to take pictures and videos of picking up litter from the areas while we are searching. The person who turns in the most wins $500 and the runner up wins $200.  People seem to be coming from everywhere, as the news keeps spreading.

The cash grows!

IMG_0281I posted yesterday about our local “treasure hunt”.  This morning the prize pot busted through the $10,000 mark!  People are out all over town going over everything over and over again.  Meanwhile, we all hanging on for the next clue to be posted.

We have people coming in from all over to hunt for the cash now that it has gotten so BIG!  The clues are giving us a headache and the hunt is costing us a lot of sleep.  Some are to the point they just want it to be over so they can find out where the item they are looking for has been for over two weeks now.

Destructions, Obstacle illusions, and wrestling naked

Being a parent can be hard work, but you get some laughs along the way. When my youngest daughter was four years old telling one of her siblings,That is not where babies come from.I asked her,What do you about know where babies come from?Her very serious response but some what evasive answer,I know everything. I am a professional.I just laughed and left the subject alone.

A few weeks later, my husband was trying to describe to her what a heron was, and he said,It looks sort of like a stork, the bird that delivers babies.
Very adamantly she proclaimed.Nu huh, that is not where babies come from.
Ok, so where do babies come from then?he asked playfully, expecting some cute silly answer. At first, she avoided answering, but he prodded on, saying that he needed to know where babies come from he thought the stork brought them. After being questioned several times…
Alright,she said exhaling in a manner to indicate she was getting annoyed,The momma and the daddy make love, the daddy puts the baby in the momma, and it grows and she goes to the doctor, and he takes it out.
I could do nothing but laugh at the look on my husband’s face. He was bewildered and didn’t know what to say. Then he asked,Who told you that?
No one, she answered,I just know it.then added the same thing she told me.I know everything; I’m a professional.
It is fun to listen to children talk, it is so entertaining sometimes. For example, it was Christmas, and my youngest son had gotten something that required some assembly, and we were trying to figure out how it went together and were having trouble, and he asked,Where are the destructions?”
Once a friend of ours was over one night, and we had been outback in a shed where we had a pool table. He had been drinking a little and started back across our yard to the house. He stepped off into a small drainage ditch that was lined with bricks and had a cement bottom, still not sure why he didn’t see it. A few minutes later, we were talking about what had happened and my youngest daughter, who was now 8 years old, joins in the conversation,That was an obstacle illusion.
One time my husband and I were off in our bedroom, and he kept tickling me, and I was laughing and squealing. After a while, we heard my oldest son trying to disguise his voice by making it sound deeper; He was about 9 at the time.What are you doing in there? wrestling?” There was a very brief pause. “naked! my oldest daughter who was about 7 immediately added at the end of his sentence.
Here’s one more, when my oldest son was maybe 3 or 4 some friends and I, going through the Dairy Queen drive thru one day and when the voice came over the speaker,May I take your order?before I could open my mouth, he spouts back,We need some crack cocaine. embarrassing but funny. I didn’t even know where he had heard about crack cocaine. Problem was I was afraid we might just get it. I knew there had been a lot of marijuana passed out that drive thru window back in the eighties.