Scavenger Hunt still going on!

I have posted about this small town scavenger hunt for the last two days. It seems to have  taken on a life of it’s own.  Excitement keeps growing as the pot keeps getting bigger and bigger. It started at a mere $1000. Then, next thing you know; area businesses and individuals began making contributions to the pot.  It has grown to over $10,000 on top of that, there are all kinds of gift certificates and other items donated as well. Not to mention, that there has been a business that says it will double the money pot when it is found! 3229901467_cccc795ebd_z      Photo of one of the murals in our town. Depicting some of our historic buildings.

I tried to stay out of it, but I will admit; I have been out searching a little myself.  Being a life long resident of the area hasn’t helped my search though. Now, there is even another way we can get some money. We have to take pictures and videos of picking up litter from the areas while we are searching. The person who turns in the most wins $500 and the runner up wins $200.  People seem to be coming from everywhere, as the news keeps spreading.

The cash grows!

IMG_0281I posted yesterday about our local “treasure hunt”.  This morning the prize pot busted through the $10,000 mark!  People are out all over town going over everything over and over again.  Meanwhile, we all hanging on for the next clue to be posted.

We have people coming in from all over to hunt for the cash now that it has gotten so BIG!  The clues are giving us a headache and the hunt is costing us a lot of sleep.  Some are to the point they just want it to be over so they can find out where the item they are looking for has been for over two weeks now.


537429_260631040741138_1944516921_nLife in a small town can be so fun at times.  Our latest ‘hoot’ is a hunt for money. ‪ People watch the podcast HERE

They listen for the clues and then go searching where they think the clues are suppose to lead them. Our town has been “a buzz” with people hunting the stash.  Funny thing is, it hasn’t been verified that the money was hidden in our town.  There are several towns that the money could have been placed.

The pot keeps getting bigger as more and more businesses and individuals contribute. Last total I saw was $7850. plus all kinds of other goodies from local businesses.  It is truly hilarious at time watching comments on Facebook  Drivetime with DJ and KJ

It has been confirmed that the stash is not at our town’s Welcome Marquee/message board.  This particular area has been searched extensively and it was annouced on the broadcast today that it is NOT there.

If nothing else, the community has been getting a lot of exercise running around everywhere in a mad dash to find the cash.  Unfortunately, some aren’t listening to what has been said and have forgotten to be considerate of property causing some unnecessary damage to plants and other things about town.  It has been stated that the stash is in plain sight and you do not need shovels or any other tool to get it.  There is no hazard involved in obtaining it.  It is not inside a business, not on private property and definitely not in a dangerous place. That being said STAY OFF THE RAILROAD TRACKS!


Spring, let’s get outside!

Spring has sprung here in the south!  I hope you have your Benadryl, Claritin or EpiPen handy. Of course, we will still have a few cool possibly cold nights left to suffer through. Flowers and fruit trees are blooming here in south Alabama and I have already been seeing people at the local creeks.  I am getting ready to pull out the kayaks and camping equipment soon.  I need a good dose of the outdoors and clean air.

Warmer weather also means the snakes are crawling about too so be sure to keep a watchful eye when out and about.  Don’t be hating the snakes though they want to stay out of your way as much as you desire to stay away from them.  You know your pets are at risk too.  I just had a good friend lose her young dog to a snake bite just the other day.  I guess it would be well worth getting the rattlesnake vaccine for your much-loved favorite companion.  After all, they have your back so return the favor.

Time to stock up on sunscreen and after sun care for when you forget the sunscreen or do not reapply often enough.  I suggest you keep sunscreen in your vehicle and another in your purses or tote bags, Ladies.  Protect those faces from sun damage by also using a daily facial moisturizer that contains SPF 30 after all you can get a sunburn while driving around town or commuting to work.  You never know when you might unexpectedly end up being exposed to the sun’s rays better to be safe than sorry.

Remember to hydrate too.  As the temperatures rise you will need to replenish your fluid loss.  Keep a water bottle handy when you are on the go just in case your trip to the grocery store might end up taking way longer than anticipated because of traffic jams or mechanical breakdowns.  You never know when you may run across someone who needs some hydration too, that’s why I like to carry extra water and sometimes your car might need some too.

Don’t forget those “April showers” so a small umbrella can come in handy as well.  Not just to help you keep from getting wet but can be used for some much-needed shade if you end up having to walk in the sun.  I know we all know all this stuff already, but sometimes we all need a little reminding that a little forethought can spare us some pain and suffering.  Anyway, don’t forget bug repellant and hydrocortisone those pesky bugs will be enjoying the warmer weather too.

Now that you are reminded of some of the things to be prepared for, get out there and enjoy the springtime weather and remember leaves of three let them be!

Toadlick 2015, I had a blast!

Toadlick 2015. I had a blast!


This is the fourth year a man by the name of Chris Gilbert has managed, with the help of some good friends and great sponsors, to put on an awesome three-day music festival called Toadlick in Dothan, Alabama. Last year I went with a general admission ticket, REO Speedwagon put on a show, proving they still had it and they were smiling the whole time, enjoying what they were doing. The Band Perry closed out the festival with an unforgettable high energy performance.

This year I went with my friend Brandy Harrington, who has been every year since it started. This year’s sponsors included: Wind Creek Hospitality, Interstate Batteries of Dothan, Durden Outdoors, Budweiser, Cherry & Irwin, and the Dothan area convention and visitors Bureau. The festival took place at the National Peanut festival fairgrounds April 23rd through the 25th.


Thursday, The Brooke Danielle Band (pictured above) kicked off the festival. They are a teenage group ranging in age from 15 to 19 and all I can say is: We are going to hear more from them. They are GOOD. They were followed by another notable act, the Natalie Reynolds Band. Both acts were winners of a Battle of the Bands event, the prize, getting to play at Toadlick. Craig Wayne Boyd (“The Voice” winner) gave us an Achy breaky heart. Bret Michaels made sure we had nothing but a good time. Lee Brice did A woman like you, and I drive your truck. Of course, these artists did more songs than I mentioned.


Friday, Eli filled us with nostalgia from their covers of eighties rock songs. They also did some of their songs. The one that sticks out in my mind – Sacred Ground. The Vagabonds, JJ Grey and Mofro, and Donica Knight also took their turns on the stage. Blackberry Smoke geared us up for what was yet to come that night. Styx was a blast from the past! They are as spectacular now as they were back in the day. They are aging gracefully. Their stage presence and energy were amazing!

Then came the pièce de résistance, Hank Williams Jr.!


Let me just say: Bocephus can sure tear a guitar slam up! He played many of his songs. Seeing Hank Jr. was as good as I ever imagined it would be. Ever since I heard Hank Jr. was doing Toadlick I said it was a good chance Kid Rock would be there. When it was announced he was scheduled to play on my birthday, I knew it was a sign that I was finally going to get to see Kid Rock. It just had to be! Brandy and I had made it to the rail in front of the stage while they were setting up for Styx and we stayed there for Styx and Hank Jr. Hank began jamming a song on guitar that we all know well and out came Kid Rock singing Sweet Home Alabama and that lead right off into All summer long. Then, I saw horsehairs flying from the bow when Hank broke out the fiddle doing Kalijah. Hank did more songs for a while and Kid Rock returned for Family Tradition.


Saturday started out with dreary weather and the first couple of acts got canceled. Craig Campbell performed, and we were all herded up to the cattle barn because of a severe storm headed that way. After the all clear announcement came from the tornado warning, we stepped outside there were downed vender’s tents everywhere. We got back down to the stage. Chris Gilbert’s face was one disappointed ball of sadness from this blow mother nature had given his festival. We all waited anxiously fearing the worse, no more music. He called everyone up closer to the stage, explaining what was going on. The sound equipment was ruined. Ronnie Milsap left. Sam Hunt wasn’t going to play. They managed to patch through a smaller p.a. system, but Alabama wasn’t going to play without sound system or lights. Randy Houser came out alone with a guitar and did an acoustic session.


Even though he had already performed, Craig Campbell came back on stage and did the same. We loved it! We love them for giving us what we wanted, a good time. We didn’t care about amps and lights.


Just like every other night of the festival, the party moved up to the Beer Tent or where it had been and there was more entertainment on the small stage there. We had a blast all weekend even with Saturday’s problems. I still have my T.I.P. wristband on and hoping it lasts until next years festival June 2,2016. If it does. Chris Gilbert will you come cut it off at the gate?


Great Blue Heron

1-IMG_0394 heron-3 1-IMG_03953 photos

After kayaking the other day I came across this fellow.  He was just hanging around and not caring that I was near.

I took a few photos since my camera just happened to be in my vehicle.

Earlier that day I had put my kayak in the sound behind the Quietwater Boardwalk on Santa Rosa Island, near Pensacola Beach.

This was a solo trip because I couldn’t find no one to go with me so I got to take my time and wander around afterwards.

These photos were taken in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

The park right before you go over the bridge back to Pensacola.

The last photo way down below is what I did for my            personal       facebook page.

Thanks for looking and please come again!

If you made it this far comment even if it is just a hello or ………

What is more important?

Hillary’s emails or getting the ISIS situation under control?  This email business isn’t intended to hurt Hillary but rather a ploy to make it old news later.

Those in Washington work really hard to keep our attention on all their smokescreens and want us to be fighting amongst ourselves so they can continue to do exactly what they want to do.

Do I personally have a problem with a woman becoming President? No.  Just like I had no problems with a black man becoming President.  What I have a problem with is those who would vote for a woman simply because she is a woman or would not vote for her because she is.  Just as I did not like that a large percentage of people voted for Obama or against Obama because he is black.

Is Hillary capable of leading this country?  Well, she has already proven she is a quite capable, comfortable and convincing liar. {Benghazi} She is capable of overlooking accepting a man’s weaknesses? {Monica Lewinsky} Keep a straight face, be supportive and stand by her man even when it is evident to everyone with a brain that he is lying.  {I did not have sexual relations…}.  She has already lived in the White House and knows the pro’s and con’s of the position.  A plus for her- Bill, even with his short comings was a very likeable President and remains a very likeable person in the public’s eye.

Downside: She is a career politician.  She has already been in Washington, so she is in the “club” so to speak. She is not as fun to watch or hear talk as Bill is.  I really dislike those times when tv is disrupted for Presidential addresses.

Now a woman who could make a presidential address entertaining like a standup improv comedy routine would be Sarah Palin.  >Not saying she would make a good President or endorsing anyone else. Just thinking out-loud in print<

The last two Presidential campaigns were: black or white.  The upcoming one is: male or female?  What about transgender?????????