Spring, let’s get outside!

Spring has sprung here in the south!  I hope you have your Benadryl, Claritin or EpiPen handy. Of course, we will still have a few cool possibly cold nights left to suffer through. Flowers and fruit trees are blooming here in south Alabama and I have already been seeing people at the local creeks.  I am getting ready to pull out the kayaks and camping equipment soon.  I need a good dose of the outdoors and clean air.

Warmer weather also means the snakes are crawling about too so be sure to keep a watchful eye when out and about.  Don’t be hating the snakes though they want to stay out of your way as much as you desire to stay away from them.  You know your pets are at risk too.  I just had a good friend lose her young dog to a snake bite just the other day.  I guess it would be well worth getting the rattlesnake vaccine for your much-loved favorite companion.  After all, they have your back so return the favor.

Time to stock up on sunscreen and after sun care for when you forget the sunscreen or do not reapply often enough.  I suggest you keep sunscreen in your vehicle and another in your purses or tote bags, Ladies.  Protect those faces from sun damage by also using a daily facial moisturizer that contains SPF 30 after all you can get a sunburn while driving around town or commuting to work.  You never know when you might unexpectedly end up being exposed to the sun’s rays better to be safe than sorry.

Remember to hydrate too.  As the temperatures rise you will need to replenish your fluid loss.  Keep a water bottle handy when you are on the go just in case your trip to the grocery store might end up taking way longer than anticipated because of traffic jams or mechanical breakdowns.  You never know when you may run across someone who needs some hydration too, that’s why I like to carry extra water and sometimes your car might need some too.

Don’t forget those “April showers” so a small umbrella can come in handy as well.  Not just to help you keep from getting wet but can be used for some much-needed shade if you end up having to walk in the sun.  I know we all know all this stuff already, but sometimes we all need a little reminding that a little forethought can spare us some pain and suffering.  Anyway, don’t forget bug repellant and hydrocortisone those pesky bugs will be enjoying the warmer weather too.

Now that you are reminded of some of the things to be prepared for, get out there and enjoy the springtime weather and remember leaves of three let them be!

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